Road to LEL – a ride list

Here’s my projected (and completed) Audaxable rides… Based around one build to Bryan Chapman, then another to LEL.

Lead up to Chapman is basically two lots of three hard hilly rides with a couple of weeks in between to recover.

From there lots of flat distance rides, ideally with another 600 in there, and shorter weekend rides in ‘off’ weeks to keep sharp.

ACME winter Series Essex 109km 21 Jan  – Winter 100 (Fixed)

DIY  200km 18 Mar  (My usual spice run ride, to see how I felt)

The Dean, OXFORD, 307km – 25 Mar, 2.5AAA 3,500m climbing

The Shark, GREENWICH 202km – 2 April, 3.25AAA 3,200m climbing

DIY 200km  27th or 28th April from home

Green and Yellow fields, DUNMOW, 300km – 6 May (or 300 DIY depending on family, probably Tour of East Anglia)    Didn’t make that, but did a 150km solo training ride instead.

Bryan Chapman Memorial, WALES, – 600km – 13th May 7.5AAA 7,500m climbing

Bonus! 200km hilly DIY in Chilterns 27th May

Asparagus and Strawberries, DUNMOW, 414km – 3 June – zero climbing!

Maybe – 3 Coasts 600km. 17 June – 1.75AA, 5600m climbing (or maybe organise a DIY with others?)

Kingdom of the East Saxons, DUNMOW, 400km 1 July – no climbing

Maybe – The Buzzard 600 8th July

Hereward the Wake, DUNMOW, 300km 14th July – no climbing

Suffolk Lanes Extravaganza, SUFFOLK, 200km 21st July OR DIY OR REST UP!

LEL, LONDON, 1400km, 29 July –  2.74AAA, 11500m climbing





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