Dick Turpin Perm – 200 – 2016

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Some quick photos from last weeks event. This was a ‘mass perm’ arranged by Tom which coincided with a break in the weather so it was well attended.

My first 200km since riding to the coast on ┬ámy fixie in October, so I knew I would have to dig deep at some stage. Definitely a day of two halves – the first half was cafes and pubs with sun and a slight tail wind ridden in groups, the second half I rode mostly by myself into a slight headwind. All good character building stuff.

I was tempted to ride it on the fixie and get my first Fixed Wheel Challenge points, but ducked out and rode the Tripster on the day (there were THREE Tripsters in a group of 15). In the end I could have managed it, though on a slightly lower gear than I was using at the end of last year.

The good thing about getting a 200 under your belt early in the year is that it boosts my motivation a lot. Suddenly I feel like I want to be riding again after the Xmas slump and I am planning out what I will do later in the year and feeling like it isn’t just a crazy pursuit with no point. No, it still is a crazy pursuit with no point, but one that I enjoy anyway.

So, a good day out. Good to see some people I hadn’t seen since PBP (Nic and Nik, Tom, Robert and Agi) and put some faces to forum names.


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