Hareward the Wake 300km 2015

This is an ‘Essex classic’ that I hadn’t ridden before, and a real treat.

It did start badly though. Garmin death at 100km, just outside Cambridge. Just as I was getting to roads I didn’t know. Hmmm….

I had a paper backup, and even had a plastic bag and a bit of tape to make a view-bag with but… my head torch wasn’t very strong. I couldn’t really see it.

I briefly thought about turning around, but then I wondered if I might just hang off the back of a group going by and see what happened…

That group turned out to be Johnaton and Ian. I’d seen J around alot, we’d ridden a little together on the Flatlands last year, but I didn’t know Ian.

Of course I was completely committed to whatever spped they were going and it turned out to be very close to my own natural speed. And they were very entertaining company – so much so that the three of us rode the remaining 200km together.

And a lovely¬†200 it was to. The night was mild, only feeling cold in that hour just after dawn. There were good sights and we ended up playing ‘control-bounce’ with another group which included Redlight and a few other familiar faces.

Here are some pics from Ian and Johnathan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nice ride boys – thanks!


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